Education opens up possibilities and helps you to explore and pursue your dreams! There are many different options and pathways you can take in order to achieve your future goals.  With the support of your worker there are many local community partners who specialize in educational planning, whether it is completing high school, working towards an apprenticeship, attending college or university.


Crown Ward Pathways

High school education does not have to be the last stop. Those who would like to continue their education have the opportunity to attend college or university. Our community is here to help you to find the best option for your future pathway. Check out our resources today!

School Board

Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic School Board
Limestone Public School Board
Hastings Prince Edward District School Board

Other Supports
Pathways to Education

Post-Secondary Education

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) 
Brochure –
Tuition Support Guide –
Fact Sheet –

There are a number of ways to find out more about available bursaries, talk to your guidance counsellor at high school, your student success office at your college/university or review your school’s website for available bursaries and/or talk to your worker.  There are bursaries available for a number of reasons including those that you are eligible for due to your interests, academic achievements, because you are or were a youth in care as well as your identified needs, or because you are the first in your family to attend school. Here are some examples below:

RBC Scholarship –
St. Lawrence College –
Children’s Aid Foundation’s post-secondary supports –

FACSFLA also has internal bursaries that youth are selected to receive each year based on courses of study, academic and social participation as well as financial need.